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Helping reach the growth potential in business

An expert in helping businesses reach their growth potential and achieve success. 



Tim Lavis is an experienced Business Advicer - Business Growth Consulting with a strong coaching and people management background that knows how to achieve business growth. Tim is one of Adelaide's most experienced Business Coach's with over 16 years experience. Tim first started coaching at one of Australia's largest banks and spent 10 years refining his sales and people craft. Tim then established his own business, coaching entrepreneurs on the best practices in running a business. Tim was fortunate to then be offered a coaching role with a large financial services firm coaching and developing business owners and their team.  


Tim has a proven track record in delivering business growth strategies, execution of plans, goal setting, sales training and growing business results. Tim thrives on developing partnerships, developing businesses and mentoring leaders to be successful. Tim enjoys solving the jigsaw puzzle of business growth, enhancing sales discussions and solving the leadership challenges within.


Tim is extremely loyal, passionate about people, has fun, self-motivated and an inspired individual with a love of developing people & businesses to success. Tim lives for those moments where he can be proud of what others achieved, without the need of recognition.


"I really do enjoy life and seeing others succeed. Can I help you with your business growth?"


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